Manufacturing Facilities

Our Bangalore manufacturing unit is located at Electronic city, the heart of silicon city, spread over an area of 3000 sq. m. (+ 3000m² opportunities).

  • With a team strength of ~100 qualified professionals and state of art manufacturing of facility, we are geared up support the comprehensive needs of the aeronautical industry.
  • Plant is certified to ISO9001:2015, EN9100:2018 and ISO14001:2015 requirements.
  • A unique login credential provided for every individuals which enables to login into software (LAVOGNE) contains configuration of each job order and records entire product traceability throughout the product life-cycle.
  • Our energetic and skilled workforce provides Global Proposal from Product Engineering, production, testing, for the business of Electrical Harness and assembly manufacturing capabilities.
  • Its' all adds up to a growing footprint in the global aeronautical harness supply chain.

Method Engineering

Our Method Engineers realize more efficient ways to design the increasingly complex electrical systems in aerospace products. In addition to the increasing electronic content of aerospace platform our engineers provide a fresh approach to electrical architecture to be defined and managed throughout its lifecycle and the following benefits are achieved continuously:

  • Our Engineers performs each operation analysis, work design and simplification of process, in order to achieve Lower costs, enhanced Quality, increasing reliability and productivity.
  • Method Engineers support production team to identify any technical change for FAI litigation (technical query’s) thru online using LAVOGNE software.
  • Improved quality of data made possible by data-centric tools combined with workflow and effectivity-based configuration management.
  • Ability to model EWIS mandates to converge on optimal solution.
  • Reduction of engineering change costs due to real-time design rule checking – ensuring “correct by construction” methodology.
  • Virtual prototyping due to embedded electrical analysis capabilities, i.e. FMEA, inside the design tools (CATIA).

Laser Marking

UV Laser Marking:

Our UV Laser Marking equipment has been upgraded to include a 50HZ laser giving the machine a far faster throughput rate of 15-20 metres per minute. Handles all UV-markable single-core wires and shielded multi-core cables from gauge 6 (6.30mm) to 26 (0.75mm) as standard. Cable length accepted from 150 mm (5.9’’) to 999m (3, 278 ft) and Powered de-reeling mechanism designed for high wire marking speed.

UV Laser Marking is the preferred marking system for the Aerospace Industry as it is a non-aggressive and non-contact process which leaves the integrity of the cable insulation unaffected whilst providing a permanent print (resistant even to hot hydraulic fluids). UV Laser Marking also reduces the weight of the assemblies as compared with assemblies using standard idents / marking products.


Our production layouts are customized according to product requirements. With our skilled engineers we provide cost effective products with 100% quality and Zero defects risk. Every manufacturing stages are getting monitored through computerized software (Lavogne). Supervisors and production engineers can monitor the information remotely stage by stage and display the process at the boards and their laptop computers.

Open Wire Harnesses:

SEFEE manufactures a variety of open wire harnesses for customers where fast, on-site serviceability is required. Another benefit of open wire harness style can be that the weight of the finished assemblies are significantly lower.

Encapsulated Harnesses:

SEFEE manufactures a variety of encapsulated harnesses, where complete environmental protection, coupled with Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) wash-down capabilities are required.

Convoluted / PVC Tubing:

SEFEE manufactures “closed bundle” harnesses for use in harsh and rugged environments. The use of convoluted & PVC tubing provides environmental protection and abrasion protection. Many of our products are IP rated to prevent water ingress. Additionally the addition of tubing can add to the aesthetic appeal of the assembled harnesses.

Braided Harnesses:

SEFEE manufactures a variety of braided harnesses, where extra protection is required, be it high temperature or high wear resistance. Braided harnesses are also preferred as LRU’s (Line Replaceable Units) type of harnesses, these decrease the down time of aircraft in AOG scenarios.
We are capable of braiding a variety of materials, including Nomex, Nylon / Engineered Yarns, PEEK and Stainless Steel.

Box and Panel Assembly:

Whether it is new build or repair and overhaul, SEFEE have vast experience in bring together Electromechanical Sub-Assemblies and Systems. SEFEE Assembles Aerospace, Commercial, Military and Marine Boxes and Panel Assemblies.

Exceptional Processes.

Laser Marking:

UV laser marking provides a simple, convenient, environmentally friendly, cost effective means of marking and identifying wires and jacketed cables. SEFEE has capacities to print the cables irrespective of gauges and insulation materials

Ident Printing:

SEFEE has the capability to print a variety idents for a range of heat shrink products including D-SCE, HT-SCE and TMS-SCE ranges using our Thermal Transfer Printing capabilities.

Coaxial Connectors:

SEFEE has massive experience & have numerous experts to make highly complicated coaxial connectors and full harness, SEFEE have Automated Equipments & Hand tools to perform full assembly and dielectric test.

Twinax Connectors :

SEFEE offers fully assembled twinax connectors provides superior performance in high speed matched impedance data-on-demand applications. The signal to signal and signal to shield characteristic impedance is maintained throughout the connector pair

Quadrax Connectors :

SEFEE offers a complete line of differential Quadrax connectors assembly, Quadrax connector comprises four inner signal contacts that are insulated from each other and encased in an outer shell. Connectors that provides the high performance, ease of use, termination requirements, reliability, and serviceability

Shield Termination-Connector crimp:

SEFEE offers a process where the backshells utilize replacable bands for full 360° shield/screen termination. Banding and crimp ring backshells provide an economical approach to terminating overall cable and harness shields/screens.

MBBN3315 Protection :

SEFEE uses this protection as protective wrap on the backsheells or chimeny’s where the molded parts cannot be used this protection provides greater holding support and avoid moisture particles not inside the backshells.

Backshell Locking with wire :

The locking by wire process involves using a specifically sized diameter of wire which is inserted through a predrilled hole in a bolt head or nut. will then identify the thread handling (either right or left) and lock the components by twisting and wrapping the wire as appropriate, SEFEE has necessary tooling’s and equipment’s with highly skilled individuals to perform this operation.


Soldering is performed by SEFEE as an alternative to manual crimping should this be required. Our individuals are well versed in soldering they took guidance under certified IPC-WHMA-A-620 experts.

Testing & Final Inspection

We have an extensive experience in testing of electrical cable harness with world class testing equipment and well we have high link capacity for both aerospace and military products.

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