SEFEE is global leader in Aeronautical Harness and Electronic systems.
Since February 2008 SEFEE has become an Amphenol Company.

Sefee India Information

As a part of globalization SEFEE started its India operations in 2011 through a dedicated plant setup in Bangalore.  At the heart of the design and production of aeronautical electrical systems, SEFEE India is an expert in design and connecting entire onboard electrical systems, and the active representative of SEFEE in the area of the "more electric" aircraft.

Now, SEFEE India is a leader in the field of aeronautical electrical cable harness manufacturing, a vibrant and growing industry. This is the division of Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt. Ltd. One of our greatest strengths is that the entire product cycle right form the approval of raw materials, manufacturing quality, testing and marketing is done under one unified umbrella. We are quick to rise to the new challenges of changing markets and has grown rapidly, adding new products, new technologies and exploring new markets. This bold strategy has helped us to emerge as one of the leading players in India in its field and is moving towards achieving higher goals and transforming.

Sefee India keeps high reputation of manufacturing quality electrical cable harness assembles with zero defects which exceeds our customers' stringent standards and requirements.

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